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Learn more about our gentle hand cleaning and how we can further pamper your vehicle …


With quality waxes from SWIZVAX and modern paint protection systems, you protect your valuable paint…


Everything for the wheel:
Ordering, balancing, mounting, repairing, storing.
With us it always runs smoothly …


Your leather interior in new splendor, because the interior also counts! Ask about our comprehensive leather service.

Hand cleaning

Our services include:

  • Pre-cleaning of the vehicle exterior with insect and dirt remover, by means of high pressure cleaner including rims.
  • Engine cleaning with high pressure cleaner and plastic care by hand
  • Intensive and gentle top wash by hand with drying
  • Window cleaning inside and outside as well as all mirrors
  • Vacuuming and blowing out of the interior incl. trunk with compressed air and Tornador
  • Cleaning of all plastic parts, dashboard, center console as well as door panels
  • Deep cleaning of the plastic parts with plastic cleaner and brush

Aufbereitung & Lackversiegelung

Our services include:

Complete cleaning of the interior:

  • Vacuuming and blowing out with compressed air
  • Cleaning of the dashboards and door panels
  • Shampooing of car seats and stain removal
  • Leather cleaning and care with UV protection
  • Cleaning of floor mats
  • Polishing of chrome parts and wood

Paint damage removal:

  • Paint cleaning with cleaning clay
  • Touch-up professional with sanding
  • Polishing out superficial scratches
  • Anti-hologram and high gloss polishing
  • Piano lacquer sanding for special vehicles
  • Sealing of varnish with various waxes of the company Swizöl
  • Sealing varnish with ceramic sealant
  • Removal of dents
  • Removal of resin and bird chewing ink fires
  • Ozone treatment against unpleasant odors and mold spores
  • soft top cleaning and maintenance

Tires & Rims Service

Everything for the wheel: ordering, balancing, mounting, repairing, storing:

  • Supply of tires of all brands and sizes
  • Mounting and balancing tires
  • Delivery of rims on customer’s request
  • Cleaning and sealing of rims
  • Repair of curb scratches
  • Powder coating of rims all colors
  • Painting of wheel hubs and brake calipers with heat-resistant paint in black, red or silver

Leather care, refreshment & repair

Leather care and repair

Your leather equipment shines in new splendor with our service:

  • Leather cleaning, sealing and care with products from Swizöl.
  • Leather repair and color refreshment